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Sheffield Denture Repairs offer a discreet denture repair service and therefore its necessary to call for a drop off appointment time. Please view our opening times below.

Once we have agreed a time, please follow the below instructions.

  • Deposit your denture, using an envelope or bag, into our BLUE DROP OFF BOX
  • Make sure to enclose your contact name and number
  • Call us 07865 932711 when its in the blue box to confirm
  • We will repair your denture within 90 mins. 
  • Upon collection you can pay using cash or card in the lab.


                                                                                                        PREVIOUS CLIENTS REPAIRS


Denture Repairs – As part of the process we create a mould from your broken denture.  When the denture is repaired we give you the mould along with your denture, so that it can help if you break your denture again in the future. Call us to chat through the steps on 0114 288 9694.

A challenging multiple break

Unfortunately this clients pet had chewed the denture into multiple pieces. But we managed to puzzle it back together.

2 hours later its repaired

After our Moulding & Repair - 2 hours later, it was back to one piece, with strenghteners in place, under the fitting surface.

Clean & Polish - Dentures

Professional Denture Repairs - with over 40 years of Experience

Call first to make a drop off appointment, which involves placing your broken denture into an envelope or bag, with contact details and name. Then deposit it into our BLUE DROP OFF BOX outside the lab. Upon receipt we will acknowledge and arrange a collection time - usually 1.5 hours later. You can pay in the Lab by card or cash upon collection. Our aim is to repair the denture back to it’s original position before it was broken. Ill fitting dentures break more regularly, we do normally add a mesh strengthener to a repair, which helps with strengthening but not the fit.

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