This clean will give your dentures that deep clean to bring them back to their best.

The cleaning results are excellent, and at £20 per denture its a great way to improve your smile.

This is a discreet service. So please call 07865 932711 to arrange a drop off time. Once arranged you can drop your dentures into our Secure Blue Drop Off box outside the lab.

  • Make sure to enclose your contact name and number
  • Call us 07865 932711 when its in the blue box to confirm
  • We will repair your denture within 90 mins. 
  • Upon collection you can pay using cash or card in the lab.
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Back to their former glory

Cleaning results are excellent, and at £20 per denture its a great way to improve your smile


24hr Cleaning Service

After a Professional Denture Cleaning service. Your dentures will be like almost new. Great results are achievable.

Clean & Polish - Dentures

Professional Cleaning & Polishing - with over 40 years of Experience

Dentures can develop calculus or become stained, just like natural teeth.
When this happens, it can be challenging to clean them thoroughly on your own. We have the necessary equipment to remove stubborn calculus and stains from your dentures. So even if your denture doesn't require repair, we can still help them look and feel better by providing professional cleaning and polishing services.

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