Mouth Guards , Sports Gum Shields & Retainers

Do you have your own model? Call today for replacement Gum Shields and Mouth Guards. We can work with your DPC on prescription to supply Emergency supply guards. Prices start from £30 – Supplied in a range of colours. Call for a price over the phone.

Lots of people have their own gum shield model.

Our Range Covers

Lots of colours to suit your needs.

Thicknesses including – 2mm, 3mm Sports Gum Shields 1mm Soft Clear Splints, 0.7mm hard retainers.

Our 1mm soft clear splints help you to stop grinding your teeth, especially at night.

Our 0.7mm hard retaining splints help to keep teeth in position after orthodontic treatment.

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Making An Appointment

JB Dental offer a discreet service to all clients and therefore its advisable to call and make an appointment. I, Joanne look after all my clients new and current personally, and as such its quite possible you’ll get my answer service when calling, as I am always dealing with clients when in the lab

I will ring you back within a couple of hours in 95% of cases.

Obviously like everyone I do take holidays and have the odd day off at the weekend, so if I’ve not called you back within a couple of hours, its likely I’m away, but don’t despair because I do check-in and listen to messages, and its likely Ill still get back to you.

My pricing has remained the same since the 90’s, I’m more concerned with a great service of quality and friendliness than making money, so I will, in 100% of circumstances do the work before taking money.

I’m used to tweaking repaired dentures until they fit and you are 100% satisfied, and I’m pleased to report my clients return again and again when they have the need.

Give me a call before turning up as I like to know that the client before you has privacy. Thanks Joanne!

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